Abdurrahman Wahid MiniBiography

Abdurrahman "Addakhil", so his full name. Lexically, "Addakhil" means "the Conqueror", a name taken Wahid Hashim, his parents, from a pioneer who has been plugging the Umayyad dynasty milestone triumph of Islam in Spain. Later the word "Addakhil" is not well known and replaced the name "Wahid", Abdurrahman Wahid, and then more fondly known as Gus Dur. "Gus" is a typical islamic boarding school honor calls to a kiai's son (Islamic religious leaders son) means "brother".
Gus Dur is the first son of six children who were born in East Java Denanyar Jombang on August 4, 1940. Genetically Gus Dur is a descendant of "blue blood". His father, K.H. Wahid Hashim is the son of K.H. Hashim Ash'ari, founder Jam'iyah Nahdlatul Ulama (NU)-the largest Islamic mass organization in Indonesia, and the founder of the Islamic School "Tebu Ireng" Jombang, East Java. His mother, Mrs.. Hj. Sholehah is the daughter of the founder of Pesantren Denanyar Jombang, KH Bisri Syamsuri. Her paternal grandfather was also an NU figure, which became Rais' Aam NU after KH Abdul Wahab Hasbullah. Thus, Gus Dur is the grandson of two NU clerics at once, and the two leaders of Indonesia.
In 1949, when the clash with the Dutch government has ended, his father was appointed as Minister of Religion first of The Republic of Indonesia, so the family of
Wahid Hashim moved to Jakarta. Thus the new atmosphere has been entered. Guests, consisting of the leaders-with a variety of professional fields, which have previously been found in her grandfather's house, continues when his father became minister of religion. This gives a special experience for a child named Abdurrahman Wahid. Indirectly, Gus Dur also became acquainted with the political world had heard of his father's colleagues who often hung in his house.
Since childhood, she has characterized the various cues that Gus Dur will experience a different life line and have a full awareness of responsibility towards NU. In April 1953, Gus Dur went with his father drove to the area of ​​West Java to inaugurate the new madrasas. Somewhere along the mountains between Cimahi and Bandung, his car had an accident. Gus Dur can be saved, but his father died. The death of her father brings its own influence in his life.
In daily life, Gus Dur has a hobby of reading and diligent use of his father's personal library. He was also active in visiting public library
in Jakarta. In their teens Gus Dur has been familiar with a variety of magazines, newspapers, novels and books that are rather serious. The works are read by Gus Dur is not only the stories, the main story and martial arts fiction, but the discourse of philosophy and international documents not escape from their concern for him. In addition to reading, figure this one too happy to play football, chess and music. Thus, do not be surprised if Gus Dur never asked to be a football commentator on television. Another craze, which participated also completed his hobby is watching movies. This penchant caused a deep appreciation of the film world. This is why Gus Dur in the year 1986-1987 was appointed as chairman of the Indonesian Film Festival jury.
Gus Dur's adolescence was spent largely in Yogyakarta and Tegalrejo. In two places this is the development of science began to increase. The next period, Gus Dur live in Jombang, in Islamic Boarding School "Tambak Beras", until then continued his studies in Egypt. Before leaving for Egypt, his uncle had melamarkan a girl for him, namely Sinta Nuriyah,
Haji Muh Sakur's daughter. Marriage performed when he was in Egypt.

Brief Biography of Gus Dur, Father of Pluralist and Democracy

Kiai Haji (KH) Abdurrahman Wahid, otherwise known as Gus Dur was born in Jombang, East Java, on September 7, 1940. Gus Dur is the first son of six children from a very respectable family in the Muslim community of East Java. Grandfather of his father is K.H. Asyari Hashim, founder of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), while his maternal grandfather, KH Bisri Syansuri, is the first boarding school teacher who teaches classes on women. Gus Dur's father, K.H. Wahid Hashim, was involved in the Nationalist Movement and became Minister of Religious Affairs in 1949. His mother, Mrs.. Hj. Sholehah, is the daughter of the founder of Boarding Schools Denanyar Jombang. In addition to Gus Dur, his brother Gus Dur is also a figure of national figures.
Based on family genealogy, Wahid claimed to have Chinese blood that is from the descendants of Tan Kim Han is married to Tan Lok A, Raden Patah siblings  (Tan Eng Hwa), founder of the Sultanate of Demak. A Lok Tan and Tan Eng Hwa is the son of Princess Campa, daughter of China who is a concubine of Raden Brawijaya V (Suara Merdeka, March 22, 2004).

Gus Dur had studied at Al Azhar University in Cairo-Egypt (not finished) for 2 years and continued his studies at the University of Baghdad-Iraq. Finished his studies, Gus Dur was returned to Indonesia and joined the Institute for Research, Education and Economic and Social Affairs (LP3ES) in 1971. Gus Dur's plunge in the world of journalism as the 'intellectuals' progressive-minded Muslims who are social democrats. At the same time, Gus Dur called to get around the pesantren and madrasas all over Java. This is done in order to keep the traditional values ​​are not eroded pesantren, at the same time develop the pesantren. This is due at the time, boarding schools trying to get funding from the government by way of adopting the government curriculum.
Career KH Abdurrahman Wahid continued to crawl and become a writer for Tempo magazine and newspaper Kompas. His article was well received and he began developing a reputation as a social commentator. With the popularity of it, he received many invitations to give lectures and seminars, making him to commute between Jakarta and Jombang, where Wahid lived with his family.
Despite having a successful career at the time, Gus Dur still find it difficult to live only from one source of livelihood, and he worked to earn extra income by selling peanuts and delivering ice to be used in his Wife’s business. (Barton.2002. Biography of Gus Dur, LKiS , page 108)

Although the
pain remains Serving

In January 1998, Gus Dur attacked by a stroke and was rescued by a team of doctors. However, as a result of health conditions and the vision of The 4th President of The Republic of Indonesia is deteriorating. Apart from stroke, his health problems allegedly caused by hereditary factors also caused a close blood relationship between her parents.
In the physical limitations and his
health, Wahid continued to devote themselves to society and the nation even if it means sitting in a wheelchair. Gus Dur's death on December 30, 2009 This makes us lose the figure of the nation's teachers. A national leader who dared to speak what it is the name of justice and truth in the plurality of life in the archipelago.
During his life, Gus Dur devoted himself for the sake of the nation. It manifested itself in his thoughts and actions almost in the dimension of existence. Gus Dur was born and raised in the middle atmosphere of the traditional Islamic that
animate of NU, but in his head blazing modern thought. In fact, he was accused of too liberal in thinking about religion. In the New Order period, when the military was greatly feared, Gus Dur pairs of bodies against the dual function of ABRI. That attitude is shown when he became President he was without doubt the army returns to barracks and separate the police from the army.
After no longer president, Abdurrahman returned to its original life. Although already a partisan, in his capacity as Chairman of the Board Syuro and declarator of PKB, he attempted to re-emerge as the Father of the Nation. As her figure before becoming president. Although he never became Chairman of the Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), the largest Islamic organization in Indonesia with approximately 38 million people. But he was not a sectarian one. He was a statesman. Not infrequently he is against anyone even his own supporters mass in stating a truth. He was a prominent Muslim-minded nationalism.

"It does not matter whatever religion or tribe. If you can do something good for everyone, people never ask what your religion "-Gus Dur-(expressed again by Hermawi Taslim)


In a full commitment to a pluralistic Indonesia, Gus Dur appeared as a character full of controversy. He is known as a defender of the true figure. He dared to speak and said that according to his thinking that he thinks is right, although it would be contrary to many people. Whether it is minority or majority. Defense to minority groups perceived as a courageous thing. This reputation is very prominent in the latter years of the New Order era. As soon as the prominence of this role that he even accused more closely with minority groups than the majority community of Muslims themselves. Though he is a scholar who by some congregations even been regarded as a saint.

Career in NU Organization

In the early 1980s, Gus Dur care plunging Nahdratul Ulama (NU) after three times offered by his grandfather. In recent years, Gus Dur successfully reform the NU body so as to make his name more and more popular among NU. At the National Congress of 1984, Gus Dur was asked as Chairman of the NU. During his first term, Gus Dur focus in reforming the education system of schools and successfully improve the quality of the education system so that schools can rival the secular schools.
During the mass organizations led NU, Abdurrahman known critical of the Suharto government. In March 1992, Gus Dur was planning to hold a Great Council to celebrate the anniversary of the NU-66 and repeated statements of support NU against Pancasila. Wahid planned event was attended by at least one million members of the NU. However, Suharto blocking event, ordered police to return the bus containing members of the NU when they arrived in Jakarta. However, the event was attended by 200,000 people. After the event, Gus Dur sent a protest letter to Suharto declared that NU is not given the opportunity to present Islam that is open, fair and tolerant.
Towards the National Conference of 1994, Gus Dur himself nominated for a third term. Hearing this, Suharto did not want to be elected Wahid. In the weeks before the General Assembly, supporters of Suharto, Habibie and Harmoko such as campaigning against the reelection of Gus Dur. When the national consultation was held, where elections were closely guarded by armed forces in acts of intimidation. There are also attempts to bribe members of the NU does not choose it. However, Gus Dur was elected permanent chairman of the NU for a third term. During this period, Gus Dur's political alliance with the launch of Megawati Sukarnoputri's Indonesian Democratic Party (PDI). Megawati who uses his father's name has huge popularity and plans to keep pressing the Soeharto regime.

Being As The 4th President of The Republic of Indonesia

In June 1999, the party PKB participate in legislative elections arena. PKB won 12% of the vote with the PDI-P won 33% of the vote. With the victory party, Megawati predict will win the presidential election at the General Session. However, PDI-P does not have a full majority, thus forming an alliance with the PKB. In July, Amien Rais form the Central Axis, a coalition of Muslim parties. Central Axis began to nominate Gus Dur as a third candidate in the presidential election and collective commitment to the PDI-P began to change.
On October 19, 1999, the Assembly rejected Habibie's accountability speech, and he withdrew from the presidential election. A few moments later, Akbar Tanjung, Golkar chairman and chairman of the House of Representatives (DPR) said Golkar would support Gus Dur. On October 20, 1999, the Assembly re-assembled and began to elect a new president. Abdurrahman Wahid was elected as the President of Indonesia to-4 with 373 votes, while Megawati only 313 votes.
Not happy that their candidate failed to win the election, supporters of Megawati and Gus Dur rampage realize that Megawati should be elected as vice president. After convincing the generals Wiranto to not participate in the election of vice president and make PKB supporting Megawati, Wahid also managed to convince Megawati to participate. On October 21, 1999, Megawati took part in the election of vice-president Hamzah Haz and the defeat of the PPP.

Devotion As The 4th President of The Republic of Indonesia

After the fall of the New Order regime in 1998, Indonesia suffered the threat of disintegration of the country's sovereignty. Conflict erupted in some areas and separatist threat more real. Face it, Gus Dur did a soft approach towards areas that raged. To Aceh, Gus Dur gives the option of autonomy and not independence referendum such as the East Timor referendum. A softer approach to Aceh Gus Dur made by reducing the number of military personnel in the State Veranda of Mecca. Neutralization of Irian Jaya, Gus Dur made on December 30, 1999 by visiting the capital of Irian Jaya. During his visit, President Abdurrahman Wahid managed to convince the leaders of Papua that he encourages the use of the name Papua.
As a Democrat I can not block the will of the people of Aceh to determine their own fate. But as a republican, I am obliged to maintain the integrity of the unitary Republic of Indonesia.Presiden Abdurrahman Wahid in an interview with Radio Netherland
True ... Gus Dur was a leader who laid the foundations for peace in Aceh. Only at Gus Dur government, peace talks between the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) and Indonesia into the open. Whereas, before, talks with GAM something taboo, so the chances of peace such as sealed, especially if to accommodate the demands for independence. When a number of national leaders criticized its approach to Aceh, Gus Dur still choose to travel in ways a more sympathetic solution: GAM leaders invited to sit at a table to discuss a peaceful settlement in Aceh. In fact, in secret, Gus Dur send Bondan Gunawan, Acting Secretary of State, met GAM commander Abdullah Syafii Pidie inland. In the Gus Dur also, for the first time created the Humanitarian Pause.
In addition
peace context of the business, known as Gus Dur was a pioneer in reforming the military to get out of the political space. In the field of pluralism, Gus Dur became the father "Chinese" Indonesia. He is a national figure who dared to defend the Chinese to have the same rights as citizens. On 10 March 2004, several prominent Chinese Semarang reward KH Abdurrahman Wahid as the "Father of Chinese". This is not separated from service Abdurrahman announced that the Chinese New Year (Lunar) be an optional holiday and then fought for a National Holiday. This action followed by lifting restrictions on the use of Chinese characters. And for services as well Abdurrahman government finally ratified as the official religion Kongfucu to-6 in Indonesia.
In addition to dare to defend the rights of ethnic Chinese minority, Gus Dur is also the supreme leader of Indonesia's first to say sorry to the families of dead and tortured PKI (between 500,000 to 800,000 inhabitants) in the purge of the PKI by the New Order government. In this case, Gus Dur was a hero of anti-discrimination. He became the inspiration of religious leaders to see the diversity of race, religion and race in Indonesia some parts of the nation's wealth that must be maintained and incorporated as a major nation-building force.
In that capacity, and 'his ambition', President Abdurrahman Wahid often catapulted controversial opinion. When as the 4th President of RI he was undaunted revealed that he believes something is true even though many people find it hard to understand and even oppose it. Although his voice was often invite controversy, but the sound was rarely even a steering current social travel, politics and culture forward. He was a man of undaunted stating that he believes something is true. In fact, he is also not afraid to express something different from the opinion of many people. If
investigated, truth is indeed often seem radical and controversial.
Although his opinion is not always true - to mention often not true in the eyes of others - is something that is difficult to argue that many of the opinion that direct the flow of people traveling on the right track in accordance with national objectives in the Preamble of the 1945 Constitution. For some people, Gus Dur's thoughts had gone too far beyond the age. When he spoke of pluralism at the beginning of the beginning of reforms, new people began to realize the importance of the spirit of pluralism in building a diverse nation at this time.
And if we
view more to his thinking, then we will get the majority opinion that much of a personal or group political interests. He dared to stand in front for the interests of others or other groups that he believes correct. In fact, often as opposed to voice his own group. Also, even when he became president, that office it such as obstructing unable to express something. Apparently, he forgot the soft political office for something he believed was right. So when he became president, many people consider it strange because often make remarks that invite controversy.
Not yet a month into his presidency, Gus Dur has sparked the ears redden the opinion that most members of Parliament. At the hearing before the legislature, whose members segaligus as a member of the Assembly, the newly chosen, Gus Dur said lawmakers were like kindergarten kids.
During her time as President of the Republic of Indonesia, Gus Dur has been criticized because of frequent overseas trips so calls as "The Traveller President". In 2000, appeared two scandals that befell President Gus Dur is scandalous Buloggate and Bruneigate. In May 2000, BULOG reported that $ 4 million in cash disappeared from the inventory Bulog. Gus Dur's personal masseuse claimed that he was sent by Gus Dur to Bulog to take the money. Although money has been restored, Gus Dur's enemies accused him of involvement in this scandal. At the same time, Gus Dur is also accused of saving money $ 2 million for himself. The money was a donation from the Sultan of Brunei to help in Aceh. However, Wahid failed to account for these funds. The scandal is called scandal Bruneigate.
Two scandalous "Buloggate" and "Brunaigate" became a weapon for political enemies to overthrow Gus Dur presidency. On July 20, Amien Rais stated that the Special Session of the Assembly will be promoted on July 23. TNI lowered 40,000 troops in Jakarta and also lower the tank pointing toward the National Palace as a form of power of appointment. Gus Dur was then announced the implementation of the decree which contains (1) dissolution of MPR / DPR, (2) restore sovereignty to the hands of the people by speeding up elections within a year, and (3) freeze the Golkar Party as a form of resistance to the Special Session of the Assembly. But the decree does not get the support and on July 23, the Assembly formally dismiss Wahid and replaced him with Megawati Sukarnoputri.
That's the end of the trip Gus Dur became president for 20 months. During the 20 months leading, at least Gus Dur has helped lead the nation to move into the reform process better. Thinking and policy that maintains the container diversity of “
Unitary State of Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) democracy in accordance with the 1945 Constitution and Pancasila is a service that is not forgotten.

Positive Things of Gus Dur

All Religions Insist on peace. From this That We Might think the religious struggle for peace is simple ... but it is not. The deep problem is That people use religion wrongly in pursuit of victory and triumph. This sad fact then leads to conflict with People who have different beliefs. KH-(source)

Central Board Chairman of PKB, Taslim Hermawi the past 10 years helped with Gus Dur in all its activities revealed three principles in the life of Gus Dur that he always goes to the closest people.
• First: There will always side with the weak.
• Second: Anti-discrimination in any form.
• Third: Never hate anyone, even hurt.
Gus Dur is a national leader who fought at the front against religious radicalism. When religious radicalism was blowing hard-hardness, Gus Dur boldly challenged. He even prepares his own troops when faced against religious violence triggered. Gus Dur is opposed to all violence in the name of religion. He also fighters who knew no barriers.
Gus Dur in his administration has removed discriminatory practices in Indonesia. Not exaggerating when countries and people of Indonesia provide the highest appreciation of dharma and devotion. Like Gus Dur would also honored as Father of Pluralism and Democratization in Indonesia.

Honorary doctorates and Other Awards

International arena, Gus Dur many earned an Honorary Doctorate (Doctor Honoris Causa) in the field of humanitarian, pluralism, peace and democracy from various educational institutions including:
• Honorary Doctorate from Jawaharlal Nehru University, India (2000)
• Honorary Doctorate from the University of Twente, The Netherlands (2000)
• Honorary Doctorate of Law and Political Science, Economics and Management Sciences, Humanities and Sciences of the Pantheon Sorbonne University, Paris, France (2000)
• Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy of Law from Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand (2000)
• Honorary Doctorate from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand (2000)
• Honorary Doctorate from the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand (2000)
• Honorary Doctorate from Soka Gakkai University, Tokyo, Japan (2002)
• Honorary Doctorate from Netanya area Humanitarian University, Israel (2003)
• Honorary Doctorate in Law from Konkuk University, Seoul, South Korea (2003)
• Honorary Doctorate of Sun Moon University, Seoul, South Korea (2003)
Other awards:
• Award of Islamic Da'wah from the Egyptian government (1991)
• Magsaysay Award from the Philippine government for his efforts to develop inter-religious relations in Indonesia (1993)
• Father of Chinese Indonesia (2004)
• Press Freedom Fighters

 Congratulations Gus Dur  

Gus Dur died on Wednesday, December 30, 2009, at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Jakarta, at 18:45 due to various complications of the disease, especially renal impairment, which suffered a long time. Before his death he had to undergo hemodialysis (dialysis) routine. A week before being moved to Jakarta, he was treated in Jombang after travel in East Java. Gus Dur was buried in Jombang East Java
Gus Dur's farewell. Thank you for your dedication and contribution to the people and nation. Service-credit is in the struggle for Democracy and Solidarity between religious communities in Indonesia we'll never forget. Hopefully charitable-services-worship obtained a 'noble'.

Gus Dur Kissed by Beautiful Artist

Gus Dur's sense of humor is high enough makes a beautiful artist curious when present in a ceremony at the home of one boarding school teacher "Pondok Kajen", Central Java. Because of curiosity, the artist was immediately kissed the cheek of Gus Dur without permission. Obviously some of those present immediately contrived shocked and confused. Who is not tempted when they see just quirky silent kiai kissed by a beautiful artist.
Soon after the atmosphere was rather quiet, Gus Mus is in between them, immediately ask a few sentences that already from earlier could only be stored in his feelings.
"Loh Gus, Gus Dur's really quiet anyway just kissed a girl? '"
With a relaxed and .. please imagine yourself style, Gus Dur trivial even give us an answer.
"Why, is it I can not see. Do not you want too .... "

Syukur Can Not Climb

Joke was, apparently, is not excessive. Although many have predicted that Gus Dur's appearance in front of The Parliament last Thursday will be crowded, yet nothing is as busy as it is thought that up. If it was not kiai, which dared to make a "Head of Parliament" Akbar Tanjung's speech as the target of humor? Akbar has always been always start a speech with the word "memanjatkan syukur" which has two meanings: "thanksgiving" and "help Mr.Syukur climb". So, Gus Dur was funny, which makes all members of the Parliament laugh: "syukur" or "thanks" really need are being said or help to climb because of  Mr.Syukur could not climb.

Once pulled, then the president's speech is now a much-awaited television audience. In fact, had known that the president's speech on TV a lot of his off the TV. So do not pull the president's speech during the "past rezim" to the extent that once the members of parliament are obliged to listen. That, too, should be supervised to ensure that they really like to listen. For that, should Parliament held a plenary session with a special event to watch television.

The Answer is "Ho..oh"

A President Bill Clinton adjutant from United States is taking the air in Jakarta. Because confusing and being lost, he later then enquire to a cigarettes seller. Is this really Jalan Sudirman?" "Ho-oh," said the cigarettes seller.
Because of confusion with the answer, he then asked again to a policeman who was directing traffic. Is this really Jalan Sudirman?" The police replied, "Correctly."
Because confusing to get different answer, finally he enquire to Gus Dur which at that time coincidence pass by quickly with its adjutant. "Is this really Jalan Sudirman?" Gus Dur said "Correctness."
adjutant progressively just confuse because getting three different answer. Then finally he enquire to Gus Dur again, why when asking cigarette seller he answered "Ho oh,” then ask the policeman the answered “correct” and answered by Gus Dur with word “correctness"
Gus Dur was stunned for a moment, then he said, "Ooh this way, if you ask graduate primary school then the answer is "Ho..oh", if you are asked to graduate high school then the answer is correct. Meanwhile, if you
asked a graduate of the University then the answer is Correctness. "
adjutant nodded and finally asked, "So you are a scholar?"
Gus Dur spontaneously answered, "Ho ... oh!"

The Bullet Also Run Out!

This was Gus Dur's story about the Russian situation, not long after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Socialism destroyed, and the bureaucrats have no experience managing a free market economic system. At the time of socialism, indeed people often line up to get all sorts of basic needs, but management is neat, so everyone gets rations. Now, people still have to queue, but because the ugly management, generally very long queues, and many people who did not get rations.
Thus, a social activist around the city of Moscow to observe how the new system works. In a bread queue, after seeing many people who do not miss out, activists wrote in his notebook, "bread runs out."
Then he went into the fuel line. Many more do not miss out. And he noted "the fuel runs out!", Then he headed to the line of soap. Well this new capitalist government really a jerk, a lot of people who did not receive rations of soap. He writes big "SOAP OUT!".
Without her knowing it, he was followed by a KGB intelligence. When he would leave the soap line, the Intel reprimand "Hey dude! you had been kept busy note-note, what do you record? ".
The activist told that he was doing research on the government's ability to distribute goods to the people.
"Thank you so, now is the time of reforms", said the intelligence, "Then, you've been shot". As he walked away, activist noted, "The bullet also run out!

Soldiers pursued Running Athletes

Almost no country is willing to follow up the Olympics. Four-yearly event that is one way of promoting their respective countries. And of course, is also very prestigious event as the event was covered by all participating countries mass media. Naturally, each country trying to send its best athletes, in the hope they can get the gold. That's Gus Dur's remarks when delivering the Indonesian team to the recent Sydney Olympics.
Gus Dur then tells about the events that have occurred in Syria. At the time of the Olympics a few years ago, he said, happened Syrian runner won the gold medal. The fastest runners are able to break the record of previous winners, even the time difference too far adrift.
So, he immediately surrounded the reporter because he has a very high news value.
"What's the secret of your victory?" Asked the reporter.
"Easy," replied the runner Syria, lightly, "Each time getting ready to start, I imagine there Israeli soldiers behind me that want to shoot me. "

The Porn Mindset

In one occasion Wahid issued a statement that was not meant to insult. But that is part of the way Gus Dur deliver a joke. "Qur'an is the holy book of most porn. Right? in it is a sentence of breastfeeding. Means removing the breast. Fine, obscene right? "
Maybe with just a sentence if it's some joke there that feel restless. Why would a famous scholar guardians think that? So, next time Gus Dur's repeated explanations by choosing a more polite language.
"I mean, it's pornographic verse so that the reader is having a dirty mind. If not, do not be a problem. Right?. "
Still not satisfied. Hence the next question soon followed. "But Gus, the Qur'an's language is polite?"
"Yes, well beyond the language of the Qur'an a lot of polite. But, when my friend took a bus, seeing pregnant people. Then imagine why she pregnant? Suddenly the 'goods' (genitals) stand up because his mind was, "said Gus Dur.

Japan's Taximeter Made ​​it Very Fast!

Were outside the Hilton Hotel, Gus Dur with his best friend a Japanese tourist would go to the airport. They took a cab. When they were on the road, suddenly there really fast cars, overtaking the cab. With the pride of the Japanese shouted, "Aaaah Toyota made ​​in Japan is very fast ...!"
Not long after other cars also overtook the cab. The Japanese shouted again "Aaaah Nissan is Japan made ​​very quickly." Not long after passing one car overtaking another car and the Japanese shouted again "Aaaah Mitsubishi made ​​in Japan is very fast ...!" Gus Dur and the cab driver was irritated with the attitude Japanese people are, really nationalist at all. Then, when he got in the airport, the taxi driver said to the Japanese.
A taxi driver: "100 dollars please ..."
The Japanese: 100 dolars ...?! Its not that far from the hotel ...! "
Gus Dur: "Aaaah ... taximeter made ​​it Japan's very fast!"

Rickshaw, No Through

When became a president, Gus Dur once told to The Defense Minister Mahfud MD of Madurese who said a lot of sense and cunning.
The story there is a rickshaw driver from
ever spotted by the police when breaking sign "Rickshaw Banned Through". Rickshaw drivers were entered into the existing road sign image rickshaw crossed with black lines, which means the way it should not be entered into a rickshaw.
"Do not you see that picture? It's a rickshaw image should not be entered this way, "snapped Mr. Policeman.
"Oh I saw it sir, but that picture is empty and no rickshaw driver. While I was there a rickshaw driver and not empty, it means allowed through, "said the rickshaw driver.
"Fool, you can not read? Below the picture there is written that the rickshaws are banned, "snapped Mr. cop again.
"No sir, I can not read, if I could read, then I become a cop like you, not so 
rickshaw drivers like this," replied the pedicab driver smiled mockingly.